Internal Auditing & Risk Assessment Services

Internal auditing services focusing on risk assessment analysis.

Regulation compliance, policies and procedures.

Organizing a Corporate Governance framework within companies - Employing, evaluating and training board of directors.

Administrative & financial controls

For existing corporate internal auditing departments:

  • Quality assessment services.
  • Risk assessment services.


- Fraud controlling reports.

- IT systems controlling tests.

- Identifying, evaluating and managing corporate risk reports.

- Money laundering framework.

- Organization of internal audit departments within companies.

- Organization of risk management and regulatory compliance departments within companies.

- Organization of self-assessment workshops.

- Audit Compliance according to Corporate Governance Principles.

- Assessing organizational structure of the companies according to their strategy and internal goals.

- Annual assessment of the internal audit departments of the companies in cooperation with the management team.

- Preparing and developing the corporate governance guide of a company.

- Evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Board of Directors.

- Training of members of the Board of Directors regarding Corporate Governance issues.

- Conducting job descriptions.

- Control of the adequacy and effectiveness of internal audit units within a company.

- Outsourcing internal auditing services.

- Specialized internal auditing services.